I’m Saw Zin Aung Wai Phyo,

a Web Developer.

About Me

I’m a student at Asia-Pacific International University, passionate about coding and programming. Constantly learning, I aim to create innovative solutions and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Join me on this exciting journey of discovery and growth in the world of coding!

My Skills

As an ambitious student of web development, I am committed to mastering HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL. With a thirst for knowledge and a drive for excellence, I am determined to create visually captivating, dynamic, and data-driven websites. I embrace challenges and remain adaptable, seeking to collaborate on cutting-edge projects that push the boundaries of innovation. With a passion for creating purposeful and seamless user experiences, I am ready to contribute my skills and make a meaningful impact in the world of web development. Let’s build something remarkable together.

  • HTML 80% 80%
  • CSS 80% 80%
  • Javascript 50% 50%
  • PHP 70% 70%
  • MySQL 60% 60%

My Blog

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Demystifying Blockchain Technology

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